Cambridge Guardian Angels

Cambridge English Class and Cambridge Guardian Angels, registered with AEGIS (The Association of Education and Guardianship of International Students),work closely together as the former can  provide tutoring, liaise with teachers on educational matters etc to  Cambridge Guardian Angels' students.

When Cambridge English Class helps a student gain a place at a UK school they can be put in touch with Cambridge Guardian Angels to see how they can assist students find the best solutions for their needs. Cambridge Guardian Angels provide a full and proper guardianship service with a full appreciation of child protection requirements for under 18s in UK educational establishments, and with suitable business processes to provide a professional care service.

"Cambridge Guardian Angels offers a very high standard of overseas guardianship. Its strengths are in its quality of care and its extremely efficient and effective organisation." AEGIS June 2014.

Details about AEGIS

AEGIS is recognised by the British Council, UK Home Office and UK Border Agency as being the authoritative safeguarding organisation for International students studying at UK boarding schools in the absence of a locally based parent.

AEGIS use ISC inspectors to carry out detailed inspections of members.

Parents who choose an AEGIS Guardian can be secure in the knowledge that their child’s safety is of prime importance. 


AEGIS  'offers participating Guardianship organisations ongoing safeguarding and child protection training, coupled with re-inspections and professional development opportunities. Our parents and schools have a guarantee that our policies and procedures meet all legal requirements and follow current professional and legal best practices'.