Webinars and seminars are a valuable resource

Ann participates regularly in webinars or attends seminars to both share her experience and knowledge with other participants, to gain insight into additional / alternative perspectives and to keep up with recent developments. Sharing with others on the internet is a valuable resource as a wider audience can be brought together than traditional seminars. The latter remain useful, especially as they enable a deeper and less formal interaction with others to take place. 

Here are the recent webinars

23. Feb, 2015

Cambridge English Language Assessment - Cambridge English: Advanced Reading and Use of English paper

17. Feb, 2015

Cambridge University Press Professional Development - Fun, useful, meaningful lexis for young learners

Teacher trainer Anne Robinson considered topics such as 'Which words are useful for young learners?', 'What things do they need to learn about words?' and 'How can this knowledge acquired?'.

10. Feb, 2015

Cambridge University Press Professional Development - Creating a stimulating classroom for very young learners

Lynn Durrant covered areas relating to organising the classroom, creating protocols for behaviour and stimulating children's learning in the early years.

4. Feb, 2015

Cambridge University Press Professional Development - IELTS Writing Q & A

Pauline Cullen presented strategies for dealing with IELTS writing followed by discussion.

3. Feb, 2015

Cambridge University Press Professional Development - Discovering video: the role of visual stimulus in the secondary classroom.

Ben Goldstein, a digital video expert, discussed the added value brought by video and how this relates to teenage learners.

28. Jan, 2015

Cambridge English: The Cambridge English Scale explained

27. Jan, 2015

Cambridge University Press: More than just speaking - developing speaking skills

27. Jan, 2015

Cambridge University Press: How to improve your IELTS score

17. Dec, 2014

Cambridge English: Proficiency - Teaching the compulsory essay

Part 1 of the Proficiency Writing paper is a compulsory essay. The webinar outlined the purpose of the task, discussed the skills the task assesses, explored the assessment criteria and level descriptors for C2 level. It also provided practical teaching tips for developing these skills in the clasroom and preparing candidates for the exam.

22. Oct, 2014

Cambridge English: Cambridge First and Advanced are changing - are you ready? seminar

8. Oct, 2014

Cambridge English: Teaching students to write coherently seminar

24. Sep, 2014

Cambridge English: Using video in the Classroom seminar

25. Jun, 2014

Oxford University Press: Solutions speaking challenge #3

18. Jun, 2014

Oxford University Press: How to get students writing

28. May, 2014

Oxford University Press: Approaches to culture with 21st century teens

19. Mar, 2014

Cambridge English: Changes to Cambridge English: Advanced from 2015

20. Jan, 2014

Cambridge University Press: Getting them to talk in English (when they don't want to...)