Another busy and successful year coming to an end

Three days to go before Christmas 2019 - en route back from Hong Kong seeing some clients and reinforcing existing relationships.

This year has been very good in supporting students already at schools here in UK, and guiding and advising parents for suitable schools (and Universities) for their children.  Teaching / speaking trips to China and Japan to help students locally in their own country too.

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas, however you mark it, and a happy and prosperous 2020.

Most recent news

22. Oct, 2017

New academic skills specialist joins the team

Helene Plant, an experienced Senior Counsel in the City of London, joins to add knowledge of law as well as increasing the knowledge of London culture - particularly theatre, art and museums.

10. Oct, 2017

Ann returns from Bangkok

Following a week with business contacts regarding teacher training and assisting Thai students visit UK, Ann returns home.

4. Sep, 2017

Students start at their new schools

Three new students from overseas start at their new schools in UK. We wish them well in settling in to their new surroundings.

1. Aug, 2017

The ultimate tour guide

Ann joins with CEEDS to guide a tour of UK by 55 Chinese students. A whistle stop tour to give them as broad a view of UK as possible in the time available.

Less recent news

26. Mar, 2017

Visiting Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai

Setting off on travels with appointments with some parents already set in Hong Kong and with plans for Singapore too. This is the first trip Dubai so a voyage of exploration though with at least two appointments with contacts already set.

24. Mar, 2017

CLASS becomes a Supporting Member of COBIS

COBIS is the Council of British International Schools and CLASS has become a Supporting Member to work with such schools and students attending or considering such schools.

1. Mar, 2017

Busy first two months of 2017

As well as continuing to support existing students via tutors, there have been new students for whom appropriate tutors have been found and work with several new families to help select and place their children at UK schools.

1. Jan, 2017

New Year in Hong Kong

Watching the fireworks and lights last night from the harbour front in the warmth surrounded by happy locals was fantastic. This started as a holiday with Andrew to come to a wedding and see in New Year but already the diary is full with meetings for both of us. A working holiday!

25. Nov, 2016

Singapore and Thailand

The original plan was to accompany Andrew in the opening of his company's Singapore office, but being so close to Thailand resulted in an invitation to Bangkok to discuss English teaching development there with the people she'd met with in October. As with many business trips, it was a fly in, work and then fly out rather than having an opportunity to explore.

The big Buddha at Kamakura

Garden at the Nezu Museum, Tokyo

Flowers at the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Shrine roof decoration at Kamakura

Buddha at the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Less recent

21. Oct, 2016

Invited to Japan

Ann is invited to Aoyama Gakuin High School in Tokyo to spend two weeks teaching students and helping their staff. This coincided with the exchange with The Leys School, Cambridge and the latter asked Ann to fly home with their students at the end of the exchange.

16. Oct, 2016

Ann hosts Thai educationalists

A small group from Thailand visited Cambridge to see different schools and colleges with Ann. They have invited Ann to Thailand to review their systems at their College in Bangkok.

9. Oct, 2016

Working for CEEDS

Ann mentored two groups of young students from Shanghai including projects comparing Chinese and British education and learning about horseracing (Newmarket is close to Cambridge)

17. Sep, 2016

Two week bespoke course

Ann delivers a two week bespoke course for a Japanese business man visiting the UK. It was a good balance between language teaching and cultural learning. Very enjoyable for both, if hard work!

It seems a long while ago

29. Aug, 2016

A week in Hong Kong

The visit included meeting a student coming to UK for Sixth Form study, meeting a Japanese businessman coming to UK in September for a bespoke English Language and Culture course, a contact looking to put a course together for bringing a group to UK next Summer and meeting with an agency to discuss tutorial support. Many other contacts were also seen.

Hong Kong Island from Star Ferry

Holly Brown - a good meeting point

Twin China and Hong Kong flags at the High Court

Hong Kong is nothing without its skyscrapers

Some old buildings do remain

Older News

22. Aug, 2016

A CLASS teacher returns to UK after two weeks teaching in Moscow

16. Jul, 2016

A CLASS teacher flies to Shanghai to teach some students for six weeks.

27. May, 2016

CLASS approached to prepare a course

Ann is approached to put together ideas for a possible two week course in UK for a visiting group of headteachers from China who are seeking to learn more about UK education.

18. Apr, 2016

Arranging specialist tutors

Being based in Cambridge has the great advantage of a good source of specialist tutors at the University. Ann arranges one to support a Russian IB student in philosophy.

12. Apr, 2016

Returning from Singapore and Australia

Ann arrives home after a short break in Australia followed by meeting up with friends and contacts in Singapore.

8. Mar, 2016

Proof reading University dissertations

Recent dissertations reviewed for undergraduates have included ones on Digital Marketing Strategies and Business Models for launching electric cars in the European Market.

Early 2016

5. Mar, 2016

Stamford Varsity Summer Course taking bookings

The 2, 3 and 4 weeks long Summer Courses run by Stamford Varsity, with Ann as Course Director, are now taking bookings. For more details click on the 'Stamford Varsity' tab on this website and you can also contact Ann direct.

4. Mar, 2016

BAISIS Conference

Ann attends the British Association of Independent Schools with International Students (BAISIS) conference in Birmingham keeping good links with numerous schools.

27. Feb, 2016

CLASS sponsors CPASS at Warwick University

CLASS sponsors the China Public Affairs and Social Service Society (CPASS) at Warwick University and Ann attends the 2016 Warwick China Summit entitled 'China and the transition to global leadership?'

23. Feb, 2016

Half term assistance

A hard working week with a Sixth Form Student helping with language skills and vocabulary for her Economics and Art courses. This also included visits to London at either end of the week to, for example, visit the Bank of England and Art Galleries. Assistance has continued since half term and the student now has much more confidence to raise issues with her Economics teacher directly.

17. Feb, 2016

Good news for a Student

One of the students Ann has been helping sat the entrance tests and was accepted for a Year 8 place at The Leys, Cambridge starting in September 2016. Well done to the student.

1. Jan, 2016

Happy New Year to all friends and visitors to the site

May 2016 be successful and prosperous for you all in all endeavours

16. Dec, 2015

Good news for a Japanese student

A Japanese student who sought advice from Ann regarding schools in UK is offered a place in Year 10 from April 2016 at King's School, Ely. Congratulations to her and wishing her every success.

30. Nov, 2015

No rest for Ann

Monday morning dawns in UK and Ann is busy following up leads made while away and catching up with other ongonig matters such as advising on admissions to local schools for a family repatriating from abroad, guiding students in applying to UK schools and finalising personal statments and references for students in UK applying to UK universities. While modern technology is great it is good to be back with all her resources, records etc so she can deal with matters first hand.

29. Nov, 2015

Ann arrives at London Heathrow

A safe return to UK and them home to Cambridge. Thank you to everyone who helped make her 5 week visit so enjoyable - those who let her stay with them, took her to art exhbitions, guided and advised her, were taught by her and with her, enjoyed her company and helped in oh so many ways.

28. Nov, 2015

Ann starts her journey home

After a frantic week Ann starts her journey back to UK. What a week! As well as meeting up with over 30 Old Leysians (former students of The Leys) either individually or at a dinner organised by one OL. She also taught students and met possible business contacts.

2015 and before

22. Nov, 2015

Hong Kong for many meetings with contacts and friends

17. Nov, 2015

Ann visits Hiroshima

The visit proved to be a moving experience seeing the memorials to such a devastating and important event in history. A former student, Yuka, accompanied her and made the visit more special as it gave Ann a greater insight into the visit.

More News

6. Nov, 2015

The Exchange students fly home

After ensuring the students depart safely Ann remains in Japan for another two weeks. She is doing more teaching at Aoyama Gakuin at both primary and secondary level and is providing advice and guidance for parents seeking to send their children to UK for school or university. She hopes to do some travelling too, as well as meeting friends and making new contacts. She has attended events at the Cambridge & Oxford Club, Tokyo including meeting Oxford's Vice- Chancellor part of whose education was in Cambridge.

28. Oct, 2015

Teaching over Skype from Japan

Using Skype to teach students is a common feature of Ann's current work. This continues while she is in Japan, with it simply being a matter of re-calculating the time differences in the different time zone.

23. Oct, 2015

Ann flies to Japan

Three Year 10 students fly with Ann for their two week exchange at Aoyama Gakuin University School in Tokyo. The students will be staying with local families and immersing themselves in the school. Ann will provide any support necessary but is also teaching at the school and building on prior relationships with others in the area.

10. Sep, 2015

New Academic Year starts in UK

The new academic year has started here in UK. The two students to whom we are guardians have returned after a refreshing summer, ready to push on with their studies.

Other students Ann was teaching over the summer have also returned to their schools but are still receiving support from Ann. Modern technology, e.g. Skype, enables the teaching to proceed in a smooth overall program no matter where in the world Ann or the students are.

14. Aug, 2015

Teaching Hong Kong students in Cambridge

Ann finishes a two week period teaching English and Drama to young students from Hong Kong for Cambridge Programmes Ltd. The students stayed at Churchill College, Cambridge, had lessons based at a neaby school and a range of extra-curricular activities. The theme was 'Inspiration' with the aim to inspire the students to apsire to the highest academic standards they can achieve. The course finished with a formal dinner in the College' Hall (dining room) and an address by the College's Master.

17. Jul, 2015

Teaching in Portugal

Ann arranges for one of her contacts to spend two weeks with a family in Portugal teaching the son English in order to maintain his standards over the Summer.

2. Jul, 2015

Skype is a wonderful medium

Ann is now teaching some students in Asia by Skype at times that fit the different time zones. By continuing learning over the long Summer holidays, the students' standards in English will not slide backwards.

1. Jul, 2015

Lunch at The Shard, London

Ann is entertained for lunch by valued colleagues from The Leys at the Shard, London. Thank you friends.

The lovely surroundings of Peterhouse

Careful lighting sets a lovely mood

All dressed up and ready to party

Roses 'floating' in the Hall

Champagne glasses waiting to be filled

Older news

17. Jun, 2015

Marking the end of Ann's time at The Leys

Ann and Andy joined their daughter, Annie, at the Peterhouse May Ball to mark the upcoming end to her time at The Leys. May Balls are a traditional way Cambridge students mark the end of their academic year. They give an opportunity to dress well and to enjoy a range of entertainments from dusk till dawn - or until sore feet or tiredness take over. The Peterhouse Ball was a wonderful event this year with glamorous dresses and 'white tie' (the most formal of UK evening dress for men) in abundance.

5. May, 2015

BAISIS Conference

Ann attends the BAISIS Conference - the British Association of Independent Schools with International Students ( She was elected to an Honorary Member so she can still contribute in the future after she has left The Leys, and remains on the Executive Comittee

30. Apr, 2015

AEGIS Advisory Committee

Ann is elected onto the Advisory Committee of AEGIS - The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (

30. Apr, 2015

AEGIS Spring Conference - Felsted School, Essex

Ann repeated the workshop on bullying she had given at AEGIS' Autumn Conference. The Conference Program stated "The presentation and workshop will cover bullying within and between cultural groups, identify bullying and how parents' expectations might be construed as a form of abuse".

20. Apr, 2015

Ann decides to move onwards from The Leys

After 19 years helping the academic and cultural education, and providing pastoral support for hundreds in international students during, and after, their time at The Leys, Ann decides she will leave at the end of the current academic year in order to focus full time on the activities of Cambridge English Class Ltd (as outlined on this website). While she will miss working in such a fantastic institution and with so many wonderful colleagues, the time is right for the next step in her career.

22. Jan, 2015

Japan Society Annual Dinner

Ann attends this at 1 Great George St, London - the home of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster.

13. Jan, 2015

Ann represents The Leys at the January BAISIS meeting

4. Dec, 2014

Japan Society Christmas Party

Ann attends this in the ballroom of the Japanese Embassy, London.

Nov. 25, 2014

Ann leads a workshop at the AEGIS Autumn Conference "Cultural Awarenss and Communication"

This conference was hosted by Sedbergh School in picturesque surroundings at the foot of the Howgill Fells in northern England. Sedbergh is a small rural town that is becoming a 'book town' with many bookshops, or shops selling books as part of their business.

The workshop was a development of that which she gave in October 2014 - this time to an audiance of the Association of Educational Guardians in Independent Schools (AEGIS). Feedback received back has been excellent and a similar workshop is lined up for the AEGIS April 2015 conference.

Nov. 3, 2014

Home from Japan

Ann arrives home after 10 days in Japan. She taught several lessons at the Japanese exchange school as well as extended her cultural knowledge of Japan.

Oct. 24, 2014

Half Term arrives

In order to help one of our 'wards' who arrived late in the UK this term, Ann arranges for him to receive additional tutoring in English and in Economics during half term. Meanwhile Ann travels to Japan .......

Oct. 17, 2014

Ann leads a workshop at the BAISIS conference

Ann led a workshop on ''Bullying in a cultural context" at the annual conference of the British Association of Independent Schools with International Students held in Birmingham. This was a follow up to a presentation at a BAISIS Training and Development event in January 2014. She was also re-elected as an Executive Member of the Board. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet others teaching and looking after international students, to exchange experiences and learn new ideas for her work at The Leys.

6. Oct, 2014

Ann attends book launch in London

The book 'The Growing Power of Japan, 1967 - 1972: Analysis and assessments from John Pilcher and the British Embassy, Tokyo', complied and edited by Sir Hugh Cortazzi was launched at the Japan Foundation, Russell Square, London.

Headline. Fx. Latest news

27. Jun, 2015

Ann sings 'The Armed Man' at the Royal Albert Hall, London with the Leys' choir and 600 or so others in choirs from other schools to mark 100 years since the start of World War 1 in 1914. Having been to many concerts in this historic venue it was very enjoyable to participate.

Older news

Aug. 29, 2014

Research in and around Haworth, Yorkshire, England

A couple of days spent exploring part of Yorkshire around Haworth - the small town made famous by the Bronte family. The steam railway nearby was used for the filming of E Nesbit's 'The Railway Children'.

The canal basin at Skipton

The steep, cobbled Main Street, Haworth

Evocative steam train on 'The Railway Children' line

The Ashmount Country House - a very pleasant stay

Afternoon tea!

More older news

Aug. 14, 2014

A level results for Ann's tutees

A level results are released and Ann is in contact with her tutees regarding their success at gaining the necessary grades to enter University. A small number need their reserve choices and some advice in general. Skype is so useful and makes the world so small.

Aug. 11, 2014

Working with Cambridge Programmes

Ann completes two weeks teaching English and Drama on Cambridge Programes Ltd's inaugural Junior Course - It was hugely enjoyable.

" Thank you again for your wonderful support for our programme. You were brilliant. " Says Peter.

Ann can now turn her attention to preparations for the coming academic year at The Leys, Cambridge.

Jul. 7, 2014

Tour de France in Cambridge

The day the Tour de France cycle race came to Cambridge also saw Ann start some work during July for CEEDS, building on work she did with them in China in April 2014.

Sponsor trucks passing the start

The start line

The leaders line up on the front

The UK's Chris Froome waits to start

The peleton waits for the start

Even older news

Jul. 3, 2014

Ann attends a Sino Anglo Education Meeting in London

This was the inaugural conference of The Sino Anglo Education Union ( so Ann attended to learn more about it and its stated role of promoting and supporting access to British Independent Schools by Chinese students.

Jul. 3, 2014

Help for a young Russian student

Ann arranges for one of her teacher contacts to provide a week of intensive teaching (5 hours a day) here in Cambridge.

Jun. 28, 2014

End of academic year

The Korean and Hong Kong students to whom Andrew has been guardian this year complete their academic time at The Leys. One flies home to be with her family while the other's family has arrived in UK to travel and explore. A three week tour is planned drawing on our knowledge of places to visit, travel times etc.

Jun. 9, 2014

First class student

The Japanese student now at Exeter University achieves a 'First' in her end of year exams and flies home to be with her family for the Summer.

May. 20, 2014

Approach for help

The parent of a student studying in Cambridge approaches Ann with the following request:

"Wish 1: Keep tracking with H's school and monitor his progress in English and other courses. Get feedback from his teachers, make suggestions or plans to help him with his coursework.

Wish 2: Set up a English tutorial meeting with H once a week (around 2 hours) to help him practise English, improve his weak points and leave him some tasks to finish.

Wish 3: Bring him to some culture experiences or activities once a month (or twice per term), eg. some festivals, celebrations, day-time activities or sporting events"

These wishes are agreed and will start in September at the start of the next academic year, though with some contact via Skype over the summer to maintain high standards of spoken English.

Apr. 7, 2014

Ann travels in China

Ann travelled as an Educational Advisor with Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Society (CEEDS) to Shanghai and the surrounding provinces for an 11 day trip visiting schools to educate students about UK universities and UK culture.

Oct. 26, 2013

Ann in Japan

Ann accompanied the Year 10 students from The Leys, Cambridge on their two week Japanese exchange visit to Aoyama Gakuin High School, Tokyo. The Japanese students are due the return visit in January 2014. During her time in Japan, Ann taught lessons at the school as well as met up with some parents to broaden their mutual cultural knowledge

Sep. 25, 2013

Conversation classes arranged

Ann arranges for a Spanish speaker to have conversation lessons with a former colleague who shares similar interests.

Sep. 21, 2013

Taking student to Exeter University

The Japanese student to whom Andrew had been guardian the previous year arrived at Heathrow from Japan and Ann and Andrew took her, with all her belongings, down to Exeter University for the start of her three years study there. It is a long drive from Cambridge, but it was nice to help her transport everything and see her settled into her accommodation at the start of the next phase of her time in UK.

Sep. 1, 2013

Guardianships for the coming academic year

The Korean and Hong Kong sixth form students to whom Andrew is guardian for the coming academic year (September to June) arrive at The Leys, Cambridge to start their final year at the school.

Jun. 29, 2013

Farewell to our Japanese student

The Japanese student to whom Andrew has been guardian finshes her time at The Leys, Cambridge. Her mother came over from Japan for the occasion and attended the end of term ball (prom) and final day. Mother and daughter then have some days travelling in UK with Ann before saying a fond farewell and returning home to Japan.

Crossing Victoria Harbour from Kowloon on the Star Ferry